Radio Airplay

Radio Airplay

Let’s face it… getting your music played on the radio is no easy task. And if you’re a female artist, that task can sometimes be even harder! Let’s set aside the politics of commercial radio and get down to the basics… the artists, the music! After all, with all of the latest technical advances… the principals are still the same… you still need someone to play your music, hear your music… buy your music!

Welcome to the world of Women Who Jam Radio! Generating thousands of listeners and new fans each week, Women Who Jam Radio is an all-female influenced, daily radio program that airs on both Internet and terrestrial radio stations, USA and abroad! Whether the artist is Indie or major, a celebrated performer or an emerging diva, Women Who Jam Radio looks beyond the gatekeepers, deal makers and cookie cutters… and focuses on vocal talent and great music production. The show spotlights a return to “real” music recorded by some of today’s most talented female artists!

We can’t play your music if we don’t have your music!

Airing on 20 stations weekly… Women Who Jam Radio is on the air somewhere everyday of the week! Check our schedule on this site! Music submissions accepted at

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