The Showcase

Women Who Jam! “LIVE

Finally… all those late nights in the studio, down to the 99th take are about to pay off!!  You’re ready!  Ready to take your art from the garage, the rehearsal lounge, the studio to the “live” stage!  And WOMEN WHO JAM! has the stage you need!

Updates & Concerns

The Women Who Jam! Live Showcase is one of our highest points of value! It gives us an opportunity to show-off how incredibly talented female artists are! However, due to growing national health concerns surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the recommendations of health officials to limit or minimize public gatherings…  Women Who Jam! “in-person” Showcases have been postponed until further notice. We encourage everyone to utilize safe health practices and we will begin rescheduling live shows as advised.

In the interim, we continue to showcase the awesome talent of our siSTARS via Zoom, Facebook and IG “LIVE!” Please join in and support these initiatives while we continue to monitor the effects of the pandemic!

Unless otherwise notified… ALL artists are required to assume the responsibility of 10 showcase admissions.  This artist buy-in ensures effective, marketing, proficient sound equipment and engineers, as well as access to the equipment needed to execute a quality show!

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