🔥New Music!🔥

🔥New Music!🔥

Women Who Jam!®
“Where the Girls Come to Play”

Looking for good music?? Even if you’re a Soundcloud junkie, Spotify hound… or YouTube connoisseur… you may still find it challenging to tap into good music by female artists. As today’s music soundscape continues to evolve, we make it easier to expose the creativity of female artists by sharing tracks from our Radio repertoire (an all-female program that airs on 23 radio stations). Whether you depend on”hot-hit” tips from your friends or you navigate streaming services… please add Women Who Jam!® to your music search.

Hot Girl Beats!

  1. Last Night Was Good For My Soul” – The Shindellas: LISTEN
  2. “It’s A Man’s World”Sevyn Streeter: LISTEN
  3. “The Journey” – H.E.R: LISTEN
  4. “I Can’t Call It” – Helen Bruner & Terry Jones: LISTEN
  5. “Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me” – Chloe: LISTEN

For More Information

We hope you enjoy our selection of Hot Girl Beats! Visit us on social media and at our parent site at www.nabfeme.org. Join us as we discover and add more hot tunes from women making great music! And be sure to listen to us “live” on Women Who Jam Radio!!!

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