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Welcome to the world of Women Who Jam!® - the ultimate "cool-spot" for music lovers who appreciate the power of female creativity! It's more than just music... it's a movement that empowers women to showcase their artistry and connect with a community that shares their passion. With daily airplay on more than 30 radio affiliates worldwide, Women Who Jam!® provides a platform that elevates women in music and amplifies their voices. Join us and be a part of this powerful movement that's changing the game for women in music!I

Despite the strides made towards gender equality, the music and entertainment industry continues to be dominated by men, with women often being pitted against each other in a competitive environment. We understand the power of this dynamic and remain committed with our eyes on the prize!  Prioritizing collaboration over competition is the power ... therefore, we stand together and pledge to work together to create a more supportive and inclusive entertainment environment.

Women Who Jam!®

For far too long, women in music have been pushed to the sidelines, struggling to get the attention they deserve. To bridge the gap between what music success appears to be and what it actually is, our mission is simple: to showcase the amazing music created by women and to give them the platform they need to succeed. Whether you're just starting out or you're already an experienced musician, our platform is here to support and empower you. With our knowledge and resources, you can achieve your career goals! Don't let anyone tell you that you can't make it in the music business. We're here to help you prove them wrong. Every journey starts with a single step... if you step up today, who knows where it might lead you tomorrow.

Achieving true success is not an overnight journey. It requires time, perseverance, and unwavering dedication. And when you are doing something you love, it creates an unbreakable desire to keep pushing until you reach your goals. Times change, but one thing has remained constant... women have always been the creators of great music!  Together, we can create a robust environment that empowers women in music to thrive. And if we're not granted access to the stage... we'll build our own!  Celebrating the outstanding contributions of women in music... We are Women Who Jam!®  

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