Women Who Jam!®

Women Who Jam!® "the heartbeat of women in music" ... a little hustle, a lot of confidence sprinkled with powerful voices and feminine style! 

Why?? Women Who Jam!®  Because women, especially Black women,  have been misunderstood and underrepresented in music for decades! Our mission... get women and their music in front of as many people as possible... in as many venues as possible! With limited  resources and good connections, we are bridging the gap between what music success looks like and what it actually is.  There is no elevator to success, therefore we grind, taking each step, while shining the spotlight on indie queens, emerging hotties, comeback divas and more… fostering a better environment for female artistry to thrive!

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You Got the Gift ... We Got The Stage!

All those hours in the studio are about to pay off!  All of the rehearsals are about to formulate into your new reality! August 28, 2022 is the date ... and Taylor's of Houston is the place to be! Whether you’re one of our gifted artists, or you got the perfect seat to sit back and enjoy the show... the stage will come alive with exciting music, electric dancers and a powerful lineup of performing artists delivering songs that are guaranteed to touch your soul!  Don't miss the "Champagne Networking Hour" before the show... it's a must attend! Exploring never-ending potential and the significance of women in music... Women Who Jam!® provides the perfect environment for fan interaction, consumer sales and artist exposure, while producing the most favorable conditions for women to promote and market their creative energies. Tickets and Vendor opportunities are available for purchas on this site!  

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