Women Who Jam!®

Women Who Jam!® "the heartbeat of women in music" 

It's a little bit of a hustle, and a lot of confidence sprinkled with powerful female voices! Women... especially Black women have been misunderstood and underrepresented in music for decades! Our mission... get women and their music in front of as many people as possible... in as many venues as possible! Striving to bridge the gap between what music success looks like and what it actually is.  No elevator to success, so we grind, taking each step while shining the spotlight on indie queens, emerging hotties, comeback divas, and more… creating a better environment for female artistry to thrive!

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You Got the Gift ... We Got The Stage!

Women Who Jam!® aims to up-skill, reskill, educate and empower women in music. Whether you’re new to this or true to this... we invite you to join the mission of Women Who Jam!®  You have nothing to lose by getting involved… think about what you want to achieve in your career and share it with us! Think of people who have achieved what you aspire to achieve and make a note of it... write it down. You never know who knows who and what could lead to a potential mentor, partner, or something even greater! Change can start with just one small step, and it can snowball into something bigger... we’ve seen it happen over the years. 

You don't have to wait... your career is in your hands, visualize what you want, believe you can achieve it and then do the work to make it happen. Success doesn't come overnight... continue to do what you love, it creates a desire that makes you keep trying until you get to where you're trying to go! Women have always been the creators of great music.  We explore the never-ending potential and significance of female artistry while providing a powerful environment for fan interaction, sales and visibility... plus favorable conditions for women to promote and market their creative energies. 

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