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Women Who Jam Radio! “Where the Girls Come to Play” … an on-air platform and radio program that’s all about women who create music… the work, the passion, the craft, the art, exposed!! An hour-long program, Women Who Jam Radio is filled with hot hits that feature an “all-female” cast of musicians and performers! Whether the artist is a celebrated queen or a rising star, the focus of the program is sharing the music of divas you know and some incredible divas you oughta know… this is the magic of Women Who Jam! When you tune in… expect rich vocals, melodic harmonies, great production and the sound you’ve been missing!

Now broadcasting on twenty-six (26) affiliates at home and abroad…. Women Who Jam! is on the air somewhere every day of the week! The program affirms the significance of women in music and the contributions the female gender makes to music culture. Check the “Radio Lounge or Schedule” for stations and air times. Want a sample??? Click below… and if you like what you hear, please share!

Check us out!
All Women… All Girls… All Good!🎶🎤

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