Wendy on “The Voice”

Wendy on “The Voice”

Let’s Vote for Wendy Moten!

With the Battle Rounds being the next phase of The Voice… let’s cheer Wendy on and get ready to vote for her as she progresses within the show! Well known throughout the music industry and admired by friends and fans alike… Wendy Moten is the one to watch in Season 21 of TV’s The Voice. She has been in the music industry for over three decades; her career began as an R&B and pop artist before she made the transition to country music.

The History

Wendy is a pastor’s daughter who grew up in Tennessee. She studied classical music at a performing arts high school. Wendy took gigs here and there before finding herself a spot singing with the party band MVP. She signed a deal with EMI very early on in her career. Her self-titled debut album was by far her most acclaimed release under this contract. 

She found international success with “Come In Out Of The Rain” in 1992. It landed on both the Billboard Hot 100 and in the Top 10 on the UK Singles Chart. Her second album Time for Change saw more success in Japan. David Foster served as one of the producers on the album. Her music releases led to an opportunity to tour with Michael Bolton across the U.S.

Wendy has worked and toured successfully with many major artists as a back up vocalist. This opportunity on The Voice brings her and her talent centerstage … and we encourage you to join in/tune in and support this amazing artist!

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