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Ask The Coach

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A quasi mentoring and networking program… NABFEME is excited to open the doors of NABFEME University and introduce “Ask The Coach” … a series of online networking and mentoring sessions set up exclusively for NABFEME Members! The sessions are private, online, presented in themed rooms. The Coaches are experienced professionals from a variety of fields who will be available to answer questions and discuss your career goals while offering expert tips and/or career advice. 

Networking & Mentoring

When it comes to networking and business relationships, etc… traditionally, women have been pushed to the back burner or left completely out of the mix.  Men have outdistanced women in this arena simply by having better access to mentors and networking opportunities. That’s about to change!

Scheduled to begin in January 2022, and consistent with the NABFEME slogan “Connecting Women… Creating Possibilities,” Ask The Coach was created to help minimize roadblocks and help women enhance their professional journey. Ask The Coach serves as a virtual opportunity to connect aspiring NABFEME members with supportive peers, executives, and business leaders.  With networking and/or mentoring being critical components for development and a huge part of the NABFEME mission, Ask The Coach is an empowerment tool that will help us build the next wave of entertainment executives and business leaders.

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The mission to empower women in music and entertainment is needed now more than ever! And, while great gains have been made, there is still more work to do! Visit for more information about Ask The Coach!

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